Los Angeles Lakers

Wait, wait, wait patiently. Has the Los Angeles Lakers’ first time with LeBron James been an unmitigated disaster?
You can call it , sure. But don’t forget we are talking about James’ first season in Hollywood. He’s signed on for two and, besides shouldering some uncharacteristic blows from the insect, he still looks like the most dominant force of the league.
That’s where the Lakers’ foundation starts. It might be enough on its own to justify our place.
But there is more to consider here.
Former No. 2 select Brandon Ingram was in the midst of a breakout until deep venous thrombosis prematurely ended his third season. Kyle Kuzma year’s diamond in the rough, has pushed his counting categories nearly all ahead. Lonzo Ball continued flood stat sheets together with per-36-minute marks of 11.8 points, 6.5 assists and 6.3 rebounds before an ankle injury shut him down.
Kuzma is 23 years old; Ingram and Ball are 21. Whether they’re building blocks or commerce chips, they remain valuable assets.
If the Lakers are going to make a championship run they’ll need assistance. But given their fiscal flexibility, young talent and possible top-10 select this summer, they possess the means to snag a star (or more) for its second straight offseason.
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